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LDA is an alternative investment group with expertise in complex, cross border transactions. The firm is led by an energetic, collaborative core leadership team with a proven track record of successful partnerships, theme development, sourcing, investments, and investment and risk management.


Our firm was founded in 2018 with a focus on investing in high growth and capital-intensive businesses globally.


Our founders have a 20-year business history having collectively executed over 250 transactions across the capital structure in both the public and private markets.


Our team has dedicated their careers to international, cross border opportunities, having executed in 43 countries with aggregate transaction values of over $11 billion.

Investment Strategies
We Seek
We Value
Entrepreneurial Spirit

We embrace the everchanging business landscape to meet our client’s investment needs and foster new opportunities in the global markets. We value the importance of being ambitious and hungry for success, as well as taking calculated risks for continuous improvement.
Teamwork & Partnership

We communicate with honesty and integrity within our firm and with clients, partners and providers. We acknowledge the importance of truthfulness as we empower all team members and encourage professional growth.
Social Impact

As part of our business model, we ensure philanthropic responsibility and socially impactful initiatives that will benefit our communities.

We strive to establish and grow our network by providing value and resources within our areas of expertise. We make conscious and mindful decisions that benefits our personal and professional relationships.

We are passionate about exceeding expectations, raising the bar, and driving team performance to new heights. Excellence is a mindset and our way of life. No detail is too small to get right, and no problem is too big to solve.
Strategic Risk Taking

We focus on bold and innovative investments while maintaining a balanced risk management strategy.


Recent Portfolio Companies

British Virgin Islands

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is an open-world, realistic graphic platform with islands that represent destinations in a global virtual game.


Altura Mining Limited is a key player in the global lithium market and is leveraging increasing demand for raw materials for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and static storage uses.


Amaze World is the world’s first travel booking platform that uses next-generation web 3 decentralized blockchain technology and rewards users with the native AMZE token.

United States

Ascent Solar Technologies manufactures flexible thin-film solar solutions that bring reliable electric power to use cases where mass, shape & survivability matter.

United States

Audacious operates in the cannabis and agriculture technology space, offering a broad portfolio of cannabis products and greenhouse design, construction and advisory services.


Azerion Group N.V. operates a digital entertainment and media platform offering technology solutions to automate the purchase and sale of digital advertising for consumers, digital publishers, game creators, and advertisers.


BBX Minerals Limited is a precious metals resource development and technology company with a 100% owned atypical, high-grade precious metals deposit in Brazil.

United States

Blockasset is an Athlete Social Token platform, built on Solana, allowing fans direct access to the athlete’s experience with features that incentivize athletes to grow and reward their fanbase.


BrainChip Holdings Ltd is a global technology company that is producing a groundbreaking neuromorphic processor which brings artificial intelligence to the edge.


Care A2 Plus Pty Ltd produces Care A2+, the first Australian made A2 infant and toddler formula created from the latest scientific research.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Chain builds cryptographic ledger systems to make financial services smarter, more secure, and more connected. Chain has launched Onyx Protocol which is a permissionless and open source blockchain.


Classic Minerals is a mining company focused on gold deposits in Western Australia’s famous Goldfields region.


Clerhp Estructuras operates in the construction industry building high rise buildings, shopping malls, offices, hotels, homes, and government buildings in Spain.

United States

Confident Cannabis is the leading cannabis wholesale marketplace powered by lab test data. The Company seeks to bring transparency in the cannabis industry.


Crescent provides complete end-to-end IoT Solution in the Benelux Region.


Cyber Security 1 AB provides cyber security solutions to customers wanting to be resilient against new and existing threats.

South Africa

Devils Peak Brewing Company is an award-winning craft brewery located at the base of the famous Devils Peak Mountain in Cape Town.


DEA is a Web3 entertainment company that operates the PlayMining platform.


Endomines AB is a mining and exploration company with its primary focus on gold. The Company explores for gold in Eastern Finland and Idaho, USA.


Enry’s Island is the first Incubation and Acceleration Metaverse distributed in the physical space and metaverse.


Fleamint’s ecosystem and marketplace offers unparalleled blockchain authentication and web3.0 corporate transformation. Building unrivalled social interactions & communities with on-chain data and analytics.


Hawsons Iron is an iron ore developer and producer of high-quality iron ore products (70% Fe) for the global steel industry.


Hopium SA is a leading French manufacturer of premium zero-emission vehicles powered by Hydrogen.


IGEA Pharma N.V is a biopharmaceutical company focused on biomedical solutions for the prevention of diabetes and alzheimer’s disease.

United States

Jada is a self-learning AI designed to autonomously execute any advanced industrial processes paired with ethical decision-making.

United States

Released in 2014, A Lego Brickumentary explored the extraordinary impact of the LEGO brick and the innovative uses of for it that has sprung up all over the world.

United States

L’Officiel USA is a fully integrated, digital newsroom offering consumers international coverage of high fashion, accessories, art, travel, and lifestyle.


MBD Financials is a cross-chain, photorealistic metaverse governed by the MBD Token. MBD’s activities include services in finance, real estate, healthcare, and entertainment, targeting traditionally underserved markets.


Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA is a biotech company dedicated to transforming Women’s Health by offering innovation in contraception, menopause and hormone-dependent cancers.


My Rewards provides customised solutions for employee and consumer rewards to businesses and organizations around the world.


Netweek S.p.A. is an internet media company offering news, sports, entertainment, education, real estate,and economic contentto customers in Italy.


NBX is a Norwegian exchange where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency easily and securely using blockchain technology.


Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation is an investment holding company developing the countryside through ecotourism, responsible mining and consolidated real estate developments.


PsuB is a payment token by deposits collateral value to ensure safety and also Utility token that allows anyone to publish and sell their work as NFTs, including digital art, photos, and videos, and presents NFTs in various fields that are closely related to real life.


Roxas and Company, Inc. is holdings company with real estate and sugar-related assets and businesses.


Rubix is a Layer 1 blockchain protocol for peer-to-peer data transfer & transactions with zero transaction fees, minimal infrastructure costs, high security & privacy.

United Arab Emirates

SingularityDAO is a community governed DeFi Protocol that provides users with advanced cryptocurrency portfolio management tools powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence.


SingularityNET is a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol and the first and only decentralized platform allowing AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale.


SKYPlay is a Play-to-Earn platform where you can earn coins while enjoying casual games and access various applications.

United States

Sphere 3D is an environmentally conscientious cryptocurrency miner with decades of proven enterprise data-services expertise.


Systemgroup is a specialty finance company. The Company specializes in the purchase and servicing of non-performing loans (“NPLs”) from major banks in LATAM.


Skin Elements Limited is an Australian owned and operated skin care company focused on the development of natural and organic skin care products.

Cayman Islands

Tune.FM is a web3 decentralized music streaming platform with an integrated music digital asset marketplace, which enables artists to monetize their fanbase directly through streaming royalty micropayments and digital music collectibles.


Velo Labs uses blockchain technology to develop a global settlement network that empowers financial institutions to provide secure, near-instant cross-border payments at low cost for individual and business customers.


Widodo operates in the consumer goods and agricultural commodities sector, servicing Indonesia’s food industry with their 5 subsidiaries.

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